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Nail Care Myths

Debunking Common Misconceptions for Healthy Nails

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We believe that healthy and beautiful nails are the cornerstone of confidence and self-expression. However, in the vast world of nail care, myths and misconceptions abound. In this enlightening article, we debunk common nail care myths, providing you with accurate information and expert insights to help you achieve and maintain the healthiest, most beautiful nails possible.

Myth: Nails Need to 'Breathe' Without Polish
Reality: Nails don't actually breathe; they receive nutrients from the bloodstream, not the air. Wearing polish, when done correctly, can protect and strengthen nails, preventing dehydration and breakage.

Myth: Gel Polish Weakens Natural Nails
Reality: When applied and removed correctly, gel polish doesn't weaken nails. The key is proper application and removal techniques, avoiding peeling or scraping off the polish.

Myth: White Spots Indicate Calcium Deficiency
Reality: White spots are usually a result of minor trauma or injury to the nail matrix. They are rarely a sign of calcium deficiency. Focus on a balanced diet for overall nail health.

Myth: Stronger Nails Come from Harder Buffing
Reality: Over-buffing weakens nails and can lead to thinning. Use a gentle buffer and moisturize regularly to maintain nail strength without causing damage.

Myth: Nails Should Always Be Trimmed Straight Across
Reality: The best nail shape depends on the individual. For most, a slightly rounded shape reduces the risk of snagging and breakage.

Myth: Gel Extensions Damage Natural Nails
Reality: When applied and removed by a skilled technician, gel extensions shouldn't damage natural nails. Proper care and maintenance are crucial for preserving nail health.

Myth: 'Nail Strengthening' Polishes Work Miracles
Reality: While some strengthening polishes can provide temporary fortification, true nail strength comes from a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

Myth: Filing Weakens Nails
Reality: Filing, when done correctly, helps maintain nail shape without causing damage. Use a gentle file, and file in one direction to prevent splintering.

At Soraaya, we prioritize the health and beauty of your nails. By debunking these common nail care myths, we aim to empower you with accurate information, ensuring your nail care routine contributes to strong, resilient, and stunning nails.
Visit Soraaya for expert nail care guidance and services that prioritize the well-being of your nails, debunking myths and unveiling the truth for a healthier, more beautiful you.


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